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Team ZCspeed will be racing in two categories for 2016. 

We will be campaigning our 1989 Honda Civic in several bracket races this season, in addition to our newest ride, a Honda powered Intrepid 125cc Shifter Kart.

With Matt Isner behind the wheel of the Civic, we are setting out for solid, consistant performance, and hopefully putting some new hardware on the shelf this year.  Rain and race track closures plagued our 2015 season, we are looking forward to getting back out this year and getting some wins!

Jesse Mullins will be piloting the shifter kart, and our primary goals for this season are to get comfortable in the kart, and work out the inevitable kinks of any first year racing program.  

Keep an eye on ZCspeed Racing's Facebook page for schedules, race results, information, and pictures from our events!  Thanks for your support!